Popular Binoculars species and their areas of application

8 × 20 – the popular compact binoculars

An 8 × 20 binoculars is a very popular compact binoculars. These models weigh around 250 grams, making them so light that you can wear all day without problems, without being distracting. Negative but makes the limited field of view (much smaller than other 8x binoculars) and the weak twilight performance noticeable. An 8 × 20 binoculars is therefore mainly used as a second pair of binoculars.

8 × 32 – the all-round binocular

An 8 × 32 binoculars is suitable if there is no specific requirements. With about 600 grams, it is almost as easy as a compact binocular. The field of view is usually not very large and the exit pupil is calculated with 4mm large enough to use it at the beginning of twilight. For beginners who have not selected a specific application, is recommended due to the versatility of an 8 × 32nd

7 × 42 – bright and shakefree image

A 7 × 42 binoculars has a field of view of 140-150 meters and weighs about 800 grams. A positive magnification and weight have on the peaceful holding. Anyone who has a shaky hand, a 7 × will appreciate 42 binoculars. With an exit pupil of 6mm the binoculars can also have an excellent twilight performance.

10 × 42 – first choice for ornithologists

A 10 × 42 binoculars is interesting if one attaches great importance to details. Especially in the birding ours is popular because the high magnification makes many details visible. 10 × 42 binoculars come to a field of view of up to 115 meters and with a weight of less than 800 grams.

8 × 56 – the classic for hunters

The typical German hunting binoculars is usually an 8 × 56 binoculars. The focus here is the intensity and detail recognition. Especially when stand hunting in the twilight, a 8 × 56 binoculars points in the luminous intensity. This fact makes the glass even with slight limitations for Astronomical studies available.

Our recommendation for weight

Keep your eyes in a normal binocular (not Pocket Binoculars) that the weight between 700 grams to 1 kg. This is in our experience the best compromise between maneuverability and stability when holding.

Our recommendation for enlargement

If you have a very exotic requirements (Astronomy expressly excluded), recommend a 7x, 8x or 10x magnification. These are by far the most select values for most of binoculars.

Our recommendation for field of view

As a buyer you should pay attention to the Okularsehfeld. Values above 55 ° apply here as well.

Our recommendation for exit pupil

A Autrittspupille of 4mm is fine. Those who wish to use the binoculars in low light conditions (eg because he goes hunting at dusk) should opt for a pair of binoculars with at least 6mm exit pupil.

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