The tips on choosing binoculars


Magnification is the first of the two figures expressed in millimeters that characterize a pair of binoculars.

For magnification or power, means the close range at which the observed object appears in your binoculars . With 8x magnification, object viewed will appear 8 times closer than reality. High magnification therefore offers a reduced field of vision.

However, too high magnification can impair visual quality. Better to focus an intermediate model. Outdoor use require a magnification of more than 5x, but beyond 12x, use your binoculars become difficult without the use of a suitable support



The lens diameter or the binoculars of the entrance pupil is indicated by the second value recorded thereon. If you see a pair of 10×42 binoculars marked, understand that it has a diameter of 42mm lens.

More light will return to your twin as and as the diameter increases. Dusk or early in the night pleases you? Take objectives of 42 or 50mm! Including those in 20 and 32 are recommended for daytime viewing. A diameter, higher magnification will impact the brightness.




Compact binoculars or mini have the advantage of storing in a pocket, by their small size. In reality, they do not weigh and offer appreciable brightness depending on quality. Given their low eye relief output targets, the field of view is greatly restricted. The price of these devices is changing from one model to another with the quality of the lenses, their surface treatment but also their tightness.


Normal binoculars are naturally heavy, cumbersome, tiring to carry and handle.

Faced with these disadvantages, you will have a very high brightness, ideal overcast and dusk. They usually have a lens diameter greater than 50mm.


When you want to enjoy nature, feel free to wear your choice on semi-compact binoculars. They are slightly heavier and slightly bulkier but offer some advantages. Allowing a better grip, semi-compact have the largest eye lenses, far more comfortable. The user also benefits from a higher brightness and a larger field of view.



Theatre / Opera

Away from the stage, it is difficult to clearly perceive the actions of your favorite actor. The compact, lightweight binoculars are suitable for indoor shows. These devices discreetly slip into your bag and allow you to easily track the stage, closer, thanks to their wide field of vision.


Nature and Ornithology

If you like to count and identify birds, precision binoculars will be your companions. Designed to observe nature and birds, these binoculars have a wide field and a 7x to 10x. Choose 8x magnification to 12x if you want to watch birds from a distance.


binoculars adapted sports project in the heart of the action and movement. You will see the head of the players, spectators in the grandstand opposite or even the expression of the will. Set your fast sports? If so, buy a magnification between 10x and 7x to benefit from a wide field.


For frequent travelers, it is advisable to choose compact and lightweight binoculars. They are convenient to carry and are not bulky. For versatile use, medium magnification binoculars are welcome.


Do you navigate by boat and want to enjoy nature? Your binoculars should complete a precise specifications. Sealing, corrosion resistance, brightness, but especially stability as the boat moves


Robustness and sealing are put in the twin of a hunter. The latter will appreciate the sheathing rubber in order to manipulate his binoculars despite his gloves. Then, a magnification of between 8x and 10x and a large objective diameter are recommended for use at dawn or dusk.



If you can not find your peace only through your mountain hikes, increase the fun you providing binoculars compatible with these activities. You must prefer a lightweight, compact and especially robust with a rubberized casing.

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